Every country in the world is converting urban cities to "Smart cities" to tackle today's growth
problems and be prepared to manage the influx of new entrants that will account for 70%
population by 2050. Over 500 cities from Asia, Europe to America have embarked on digital
transformation of most functions of cities that touches every infrastructure to achieve efficiency
at far lower cost to really be considered in the ranks of "Smart cities".

Key determinants of "smart" features is use of digital transformation & data banks to analyze and grow
economy development to ensure future  sustainability, through technology implementations backed by
sound urban planning.  Cities worldwide are ranked in 10 separate dimensions to determine their efforts
to improve the quality of life for their citizens:
  1. Governance: Citizen services is the key,  and Auckland is the top city.
  2. Public Management: The city actions to improve administration,  organization and management.
    Tokyo is the best in this area.
  3. Urban Planning:  Improve livability with focus on green areas and public spaces, creating
    compact, well-connected cities with accessible public services. Berlin is the top.
  4. Technology: Technology development, ICT, M2M and IOT deployments enable cities to be
    sustainable, creating competitive advantages of production systems, that improves quality of
    employment. London ranks first.
  5. The Environment: It is imperative to improve environmental sustainability through green
    buildings, alternative energy and efficient water management. Zurich, Geneva is at top.
  6. International Outreach: Cities considered most  livable, also attract the most capital. London
    ranks first.
  7. Social Cohesion:  Good social environment requires an analysis of immigration, community
    development, elderly-care, healthcare & public safety. Eindhoven ranks first.
  8. Mobility and Transportation: Getting around city on public or shared transport are another
    parameter of judgement, likewise easy access to public services will be the challenge of future
    cities. Berlin leads in this aspect.
  9. Human Capital: The main goal of any city is to improve its human capital. This means that it
    should be able to attract and retain talent, This means city's have to create plans to improve
    education, and boost creativity and research. Tokyo ranks first.
  10. The Economy: To improve city's economy, industries and commerce plans is a must,just like
    initiatives to spur innovation and entrepreneurship are to develop the financial engines of the
    city. New York leads in this aspect.
India working on 100 Smart Cities
China working on over 100 plus Smart Cities
World cities going smart.