Water is the essential requirement of mankind and hence a resource that has to be produced,
monitored and preserved. Equally important is sewerage, its collection and reprocessing for other

ICT networks are now used to monitor the water production source, transport ducts or open channels,
and finally the underground distribution network to clients premises.

Sewerage lines are also concurrently monitored to ensure there are no blockages. Likewise city storm
water and drainage is monitored to avoid disruptions.

Waste water is routed to Treatment plant, where the water is cycled to be used for horticultural use or  
supplied to crop areas that feed the city residents. The byproduct is fertilizer production that is used in
the city.

Solid Waste picked up from collection points on regular intervals is also processed. The waste produces
recycled plastics, papers, metals and material for landfills.
Smart Water & Sewerage