Governance is the art of managing every city function effectively for the convenience of the
citizens, since the objective is giving "Quality Life" to the residents. So city governance is all about
delivering services and managing them effectively.

In a effective governance system information is pushed to citizens devices and smart phones from
different E-Government portals as a part of:
  • (a) Government-to-Public (G2P) services
  • (b) Government-to-Business (G2B) services
  • (c) Government-to-Government (G2G) services.

  1. City portal is used for on-line registrations, licences and renewals, tax services, reporting
    problems in city infrastructures, and all information citizens need without  visiting city offices.
  2. Utilities Portals: Energy, water, waste water and solid waste billing & payments through on-line
    banking & Mobile Financial Services (MFS). Same portal is used for connecting and terminating
  3. Mobility Portals: Trains, Bus and shared transport schedules & ticketing, again paid through online
    banking. The portals also informs public of road conditions, emergencies & areas to avoid.
  4. Education Portals: Student registration for schools and colleges, including adult education and
    special programs. The portal is used for logging into e-learning programs.
  5. Health care Portals: Registration of citizens for hospital services, including appointments, repeat
    appointments, prescriptions and other services. It also manages city potential epidemics, and
    pushes alerts to citizens.
Governance & Services