Energy today has become the most important need of any society to sustain, grow and flourish.
Energy needs will also grow as population grows, so besides the development of new conventional
sources, smart cities have to cater to alternate sources of energy development whether it is solar,
wind or magnetic power.  

ICT network connect independent utilities networks into Command and control center. So whether it is
transport from sources to distribution, or distribution point to end-user locations, sensor and devices
detect usage, leakages and manage efficiency of the network including load management at all times to
ensure delivery round the clock.

Consumers: Automated Reading gives the consumers the capability of knowing their usage
instantaneously. Consumers also have the options of using pre-paid and post paid services

Utility Companies: Electric and gas grids are managed  at all levels from energy generation, transmission
down to distribution.

Smart Cities can now provide consumers consolidated billing services from the city portal for all utilities
Electric, Gas, Water, Sewerage, Telecom services (telephony, Internet and iPTV), and facility to pay
Energy infrastructures
Smart Energy