ICT infrastructure is the heart and brains of Smart Cities. As digital technology becomes more
widely used, Governance of cities is now a digital tool for  gathering information (data) in all forms
so it can be analyzed to operate the city, and provide services to citizens digitally to keep them
informed through multiple platforms like their smart phones, computers, tablets to city digital

ICT infrastructures is the media that transports ito interconnect all modules and after processing data is
dispersed for Government-to-Government use, for planning of all functions, to plan in short and long

Besides the e-government functions it is used for e-healthcare, e-Education, infrastructure monitoring,
control through M2M & IOT devices so that city infrastructure is  managed & maintenance is achieved,
as well as giving information for future predictability and growth.
Many nations in the world today need transparency to create confidence amongst the people, so
with open networks we will see major improvements in

  • Development of investment as public-private infrastructure relationships.
  • Optimal space use through high-rise in smart buildings & public infrastructures.
  • Energy efficient ITS system of transportation.
  • Inclusion of bikes, public transport & shared cars/taxis as transport system.
  • Efficient use Energy, Water and Food production, including collection, processing and disposal of
    waste and solid wastes.
  • Introduction of Renewable sources of energy.
  • Develop sustainable sports, culture, shopping and entertainment facilities.
  • Encourage & attract large & small corporations for sustainable city development including city &
    Industrial areas.
  • Retain open lands for food production and introduce vertical farming.
ICT Infrastructure for Smarts in the city
ICT- the brains of Smart City