Smart Water, Sewerage and Solid Waste

We develop the end-to-end digital management system for all three services with key
objective of increasing operation efficiency and reducing costs, monitor leaks, pumping
pressures, temperatures and wastages.

Water, is the key essential natural resource for sustaining life of humans and animals. It is
essential also for food production, agriculture, industries, hydro power & forests. Water
demand is increasing as population grows and has no substitute, and hence one of key
assets managed by every nation of the world.  

Smart Water Management System, monitors and manages every point from
production to delivery point with sensors, M2M devices and AMI meters including water Grid
(open channels and underground ducts), to distribution system feeding consumer location.
It detects leaks, temperature changes and infrastructure damages to help predictive

Recycling and water harvesting is now a must growing demand and for preserving
underground water resources.

Sewerage- Waste water & Storm water systems, like water systems have sensing
devices throughout the network for monitoring blockages and water-flows by backend
systems to ensure uninterrupted service.

Waste water is recycled at water treatment plants for use in horticultural and replenishment
of ground water resources. The byproduct is fertilizer.

Solid Waste Monitoring System is enabled with sensors to monitor collection, transport
and disposal of all solid waste.  Solid waste is now an industry where plastics, papers & metals
are recycled for making new products. Balance waste is used as material for landfills.
We make Governance and Cities Smart.....
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