Smart Security, Surveillance and Policing System

Police and Emergency services in all urban cities now have video security and surveillance (VSS) system as
an essential policing tool considering manual policing is not capable of managing population and
mobility growth.

Our core strength lies in designing, deploying and managing security solutions including Surveillance,
Intelligent Traffic Management (ITMS), Border Security Systems, Security of Critical Infrastructure
from ports to airports, metros and public buildings.

We integrate state-of-the-art systems for surveillance with extensive use of technology, applications,
video management systems, video and audio analytics, picture intelligence units and Geographical 
Information Systems (GIS).

Following are some modules incorporated in Smart Security and Surveillance System:

VMS- Vehicle Management System.
Nationwide Vehicle Registration System
Emergency System- Police, Fire Brigade and Ambulance.
Identity Management- Number plate
Identity Management by face recognition.
Building Security- Integrated system for each building
Traffic Management
Car Parking System
Tickets, Toll/Fine Payment
Vehicle Tracking
Citizen/Police App
Road Maintenance
We make Governance and Cities Smart.....
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