Smart Services Consulting (City infrastructure)

Smart Services are subsystems of Smart Cites Ecosystem  operating on common ICT platform
that operate from city's Command & Control center. ICT network is connected to all buildings, roads, traffic
signals, parks, schools, hospitals, businesses, police, fire brigades & ambulance units.  

Citizen  smart phones can access the city portals for all services, from billing to public information. City
information, maps & bus routes are shown on video walls.

All data from all utilities, surveillance, security, transport, traffic, police, fire & ambulance services using IOT,
M2M, AMI meters, GIS and video cameras is back hauled to control center where every independent services is
monitored & managed round the clock.  

The control center being the monitoring center gets alerts for all emergencies at the same time as other
essential services and maintenance centres of all services.

Citizens in smart cities receive paperless bills for all services used and can pay online from smart phones.  
Citizens can report emergencies, and seek help online also.

The services required to be implemented and discussed in details by pressing on the links:

1. Smart Energy Systems
2. Smart Water and Waste Systems
3. Smart Transport and Policing system (Traffic Management)
4. Smart Security Systems
5. Smart Education Systems
6. Smart Healthcare Systems.
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