Smart Healthcare System

Everything today is affected by the digital revolution in our lives including health care
systems. The opportunities for interdisciplinary digital health research is bringing together
computer science to dramatically improve health and wellbeing of individuals and

Recent technological advances enabled by creation of real-time big data streams, social
media, participatory and context-aware systems and infectious disease modelling are the
focus of public health informatics with the aim to achieve an integration with the existing
national and international healthcare surveillance services.  

Our focus in healthcare is on an integrated smart digital system covering:

    Integrated Patient Health Record System at National, City and hospital levels for
    service to the public at hospitals, Diagnostic laboratories and Pharmacies in the

    Point of Care Planning covers patients’ entry in the system, digital transcription of
    treatment at doctor’s office to automatically updates patients record, hospital’s
    records and doctors record, follow up and rescheduling of patient visits.

    Telemedicine System- Remote visit for direct patient-doctor interaction from anywhere
    to anywhere. Implementation of wearables for remote diagnostics.

    Hospital/ Doctor Management: Complete inventory of all healthcare staff throughout
    the nation, city or within the system. This will work in conjunction with Integrated
    Patient Health Record System to increase service delivery, reduce number of office visits
    and improve public health.
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