Smart Governance Consulting

    Our Governance consulting practice is focused on Governance at national and city levels. Once engaged,
    we start with understanding,  analyzing and diagnosing the existing  practices, processes and human
    interactions to determine which parts can be replaced to save time, human effort and money by using new
    innovations and digital technologies as management tools to  increase efficiency in achieving the final

    After all Governance is about managing backend functions to deliver the final service or product to general
    public. The digital management tools create the greater efficiency for leaderships.  Governance also means
    national development,That includes planing, development and implementation of  smart cities ecosystem
    and improvement/expansion of existing cities, including all the support systems are addressed by our Smart
    Cities and Smart Services groups. "Smart Governance" is using technology today to facilitate and support
    better planning and decision making. It is about improving and transforming the ways public services are

Smart Governance is addressed in four areas:

    Internal Government  Management & processes analysis by pooling data into common data bank, for
    redistribution for internal use by different users for multiple applications and results at national, city and
    local levels. (e.g. Population data for planning cities & services).

    Government  services include direct services to businesses (G2B) and services to citizens (G2C). We study &  
    analyze services delivered today, and see if they are necessary and how the delivery can be automated
    through digital means like e-government portals. Examples include business licenses and renewals, identity
    cards &, passports, transport registration, real-estate registration, and Federal taxes. All these services &
    transactions can be delivered through e-government portal reducing manual interventions.

    Government Indirect Services are those that are delivered indirectly through self run departments or city
    administrations to business and public. These include services discussed in Smart Services,  include utilities,
    transport, security, education, healthcare and tax services automation adding online paperless interaction,
    billing and online payment services.

    Government e-portals- are today replacement of manual processes reducing service delivery time from
    days to minutes from smart phones and computers and public video calls.
We make Governance and Cities Smart.....
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