Smart Energy Systems

Electric power and natural gas are two core necessities of any society to sustain life and
economy.  As population grows it will be a source of conflicts between countries.
Besides the natural energy, alternate energy  like solar and wind is being installed to meet  the
demands in coming years and centuries.
With all sources combined the demand will grow, and hence the world is working to preserve it
this vital source of life.

In order preserve digital monitoring system are positioned throughout the network  from
production source, on electric and gas grids, distribution networks and finally at users homes to
minimize wastage.

Smart Energy Management platforms are end-to-end digital system with sensors to
monitor and manage the network.

1. Smart Consumer End: Automated  AMI smart meters are deployed to ensure accurate
readings, usage, and consumer pattern. Consumers are now enabled to see their consumption
at all times.

Smart Distributions System: All points of distribution network are monitored with IOT and
M2M devices, to ensure leakages and temperatures are monitored round the clock. This also
helps utilities to distribute loads in high demand areas.

Smart Grid: From production source to distribution points, the network is monitored with IOT
and M2M to ensure minimal leakage. This again helps the utilities to manage loads according to

4. Public Light Systems, are now automated with sunlight and motion sensors for management.
Independent solar powered street lights with LED lights are being installed.
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