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Smart Education System

“The future economic health of any nation, will be directly proportional to its investment in educating its
citizens today”

As consultants, our focus is on introduction of digital technology tools and methods into education sector from
pre-school to university levels. Objective is to facilitate the teachers to deliver knowledge content in mix of class
learning and online learning. It also incorporates continuous feedback digital methods as tests and
examinations to manage pace of knowledge delivery according to student progress

Education in all nations is all about developing the Human Capital of any nation, to make them aware about
humanity, cultures and history and prepared future generations for new challenges of survivability, economic
sustenance and growth.  Technology and media today, are tools for education delivery and that is a part of
Smart Education System.

Our consulting focus is on:

Content Management System:
Lecture content creation delivered as broadcasts lectures and e-books. Content
storage of class & self-learning lectures accessible through Internet in class, on televisions, computers and

Video Conferencing/ Broadcast Facilities:  E-learning as live lectures with virtual class attendance, as extended
mode of face-to-face. Also, accessible through Internet as stored content.

Testing & Examination Management: Digital mechanism for feedback of student progress, and judgement of
teacher’s capabilities on and quality for delivering desired objectives.

E-Learning or E-Education: Combination of all three above methods for college & university level learning, self-
paced education for students nationally and internationally.

Student Portals:  Student interaction for administrative, registration, class schedules and payments.

Vocational Training:  Blue collar workers are a part of the national backbone, Training is multiple professions
will be a part of education for students not planning to go to college,
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