Smart Cities Consulting

    Our Smart Cities consulting practice is focused on  development of new smart cities, and existing cities. We
    digital platforms are used for city management and service deliveries to residents through portals that push
    information to smart phones and devices.  System delivers  paperless bills, and users can pay online.

    Smart cities are designed to be economically sustainable ecosystems. We emphasize that infrastructure planned
    now should cater to future populations 50-100 years in future. Land use has to be optimized and shared
    between city 's civil infrastructures and food baskets to sustain the needs for future. The city civil structures are
    connected to  digital systems to be services-enabled from very start.   

Why are smart cites being created?

    Statistics show that by 2050 over 70% population will be living in urban cities around the world, consuming
    80% of energy, water, food and financial capital.  All nations are already either making new cities or
    converting new cities with "smart" services.  There are 1500 smart cities in different  development phases. All
    infrastructures will be digitally managed using citywide ICT platform & e-portals will communicate with
    citizens without human intervention wherever possible.

Smart Cities & Smart Services?

    Most of us have used more then one smart service from the portfolio of services used in Smart Cities. Voice &
    data services are available around the city which means all services can be enabled on existing ICT platform. Lets
    look at some services already enabled in most cities today.
  1. Traffic police is replaced by traffic lights, & traffic lights are being replaced by side lanes to smooth the
    traffic flows. Security cameras have replaced  policemen.  All public transport is security enabled. .  
    Telephone booths lost their viability being replaced by smart phones, the phones have replaced many
    devices of yesteryears. Email's & messenger replaced telegrams & telex,  and post offices have shrunk to  
    kiosk sharing space with the bank  as online banking  reduced banks walk-in clients.
  2.  We shop and pay online,  opt for paperless bank statements and all bills and pay online. We operate
    garage doors, air conditioning, & car doors from remote places using our smart phones.
  3. We go to online colleges, appeared in exams and see remote lectures.  We work from 'home office' and
    attend video-con on our smart phone or tablets. In Healthcare, our blood reports are paperless, and reach
    our doctors online, who prescribes medicines that are send to our pharmacy.

Smart building

    are multipurpose high-rise buildings interconnected with other buildings with bridges & tunnels leaving open
    ground spaces for healthy airflows. Building use integrated management systems to control air conditioning,
    elevators, lighting, fire-Protection, security & Access  Control Systems, smart sensors & meters for utilities just to
    name a few. They are already futuristic and much safer then single family homes.
We make Governance and Cities Smart.....
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