We are a Consulting, PMO and Operations Management company with collective experience of
over 200 years in providing solutions to telecommunications, utilities, transport, education,
healthcare & city governance managements.

We merge the mind, machine, technology  & processes to create desired solutions. Our end-to-end
service is based on following concept:
  1. Study the needs, carry out analysis and create the solution by merging technology, applications &
    processes to meet financial & operations needs.
  2. Once proposal is activated we become the PMO (Project Management Office)
  3. On installation, we become shadow operations & train people before handing over the solution.

For developing the Smart cities, we build digital infrastructure to give the city the management,
analytics and predictive tools.   
  1. Using ICT infrastructure, we connect all city assets, homes and businesses.
  2. On utilities side, we create end to end networks for  management
  3. The infrastructure is used for Smart  Management for round the clock operations.   
  4. Finally we create e-government infrastructures for G2G,  G2B (Government to Business) and G2P
    (Government to Public Services).
Our Company & Team
Mr. Tariq J Qureshi- CEO
is a 30-year business veteran in
telecommunications, automation & smart-city
modules. He has been earlier a President,
Vice President and General Manager for
companies in USA and Middle East. He was
member of Wateen/Warid Telecom and
launched the world's first Wimax network. As
VP at PTCL-Etisalat he launched the DSL, ePON,
CDMA Vfone &EvDO. Earlier he was with
Luminous Networks, Versatec, Nortel and
Racal in Silicon Valley. He holds a MBA & MS
in Engineering from San Jose State
Dr. Haroon Qureshi-
Is Chief Products Officer and a 30-year veteran
of many technology innovations. He has a
Ph.D. in electronics, and is the CEO of East
West Infiniti our partner company. He has
lead the development and deployment of
wireless products for corporate, utilities,
security, surveillance, satellite
communications, FM radio station, marine
communications and military markets.
Igor Erceg:
is a technology Consultant is a 24 years
veteran of technology deployments. He holds a
Bachelors in Electrical Engineering and has
worked at Luminous Networks, Tanberg, UT
Starcom and Ruckus Wireless
Dr. Robert Kalman-
is a technology venture capitalist and partner
in Quad Capital. He holds a Ph.D from Stanford
University, and a Bachelors in Electrical
Engineering from UC-Berkley. He is cofounder
and VP-Product Development of Thryva, and was
VP Hardware Engineering at Luminous
Networks and ONI systems.
Raj Sharma:
is a network architect with 30 years
experience at major telecommunications
manufacturers. He holds a Bachelors in
Electrical Engineering and has worked at
Cisco, Wyse, Telisma, Sun Microsystems.
Apple and National Semiconductors.
The Team