No matter what city you are in, people have similar complaints from lack of housing to crowding in
markets, schools, hospitals, transport or bad streets, governance issues and law & order. All the
complaints can be attributed to a combination of following reasons

  • Growing populations- Over 70% people will be living in Urban cities by 2050
  • Outdated aging infrastructures from roads, streets, transport to parks etc.
  • Traffic Congestions- Present traffic mechanism are outdated or out of control.
  • Space limitations- Originally planned for lesser population, but  present requirements in
    residential and commercial accommodation are not adequate.
  • Shrinking resources & difficult management- Electricity, Gas, Water, Waste management is out of
    control. Remember in an another decade cities will use 75% of available energy & water resources.
  • Noise and air quality: The higher the population & fuel  consumption the worst will it get as CO2
    emissions will grow by 80% will cause major health conditions.
  • Unmanageable & bad governance leads to reactive management instead of predictive
    management of city.
  • Tighter city budgets and financial restrictions happen when city managers are uninformed about
    the population growth and allocate lower budgets, or simply do not have the data to trouble shoot
    problems already there.
  • System upgradation is inadequate for todays needs.
Smart Cities- The need