It's all about "Smarts"
Smart Cities Consulting

Smart Cities consulting practice is focused on  development of
new smart cities ecosystem or modifications of existing cities with
digital platforms for cities internal management as well as
delivering services to the residents through portals on their smart
phones and devices.  Look at how you get paperless bill and pay
for it through online payment, or find places on digital maps, or
see train and bus schedules. This is what is called "smarts".

Smart Services Consulting

Smart Services are subsystems of Smart Cites Ecosystem
operating on common ICT platform that operate from city's
Command & Control center. ICT network is connected to all
buildings, roads, traffic signals, parks, schools, hospitals,
businesses, police, fire brigades & ambulance units.  Citizen  smart
phones can access the city portals for all services, from billing to
public information. City information, maps & bus routes are
shown on video walls
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Smart Services Consulting
Smart Security, Surveillance and Policing System

Police and Emergency services in all urban cities now have video
security and surveillance (VSS) system as an essential policing tool
considering manual policing is not capable of managing
population and mobility growth.
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Smart Education System

“The future economic health of any nation, will be directly
proportional to its investment in educating its citizens today”
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Smart Healthcare System

Everything today is affected by the digital revolution in our lives
including health care systems.
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Smart Governance Consulting

Our Governance consulting practice is focused on Governance at
national and city levels. Once engaged, we start with
understanding,  analyzing and diagnosing the existing  practices,
processes and human interactions to determine which parts can
be replaced to save time, human effort and money by using new
innovations and digital technologies as management tools to  
increase efficiency in achieving the final results.

After all Governance is about managing backend functions to
deliver the final service or product to general public. The digital
management tools create the greater efficiency for leaderships.  
Governance also means national development,.that includes
planing, development and implementation of  smart cities
ecosystem and improvement/expansion of existing cities,
including all the support systems are addressed by our Smart
Cities and Smart Services groups.
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Smart Energy Systems

Electric power and natural gas are two core necessities of any
society to sustain life and economy.  As population grows it will be
a source of conflicts between countries.
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Smart Water, Sewerage and Solid Waste

We develop the end-to-end digital management system for all
three services with key objective of increasing operation efficiency
and reducing costs, monitor leaks, pumping pressures,
temperatures and wastages.
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Smart Transport & Intelligent Traffic Management

Smart Transport includes Intelligent Traffic Management System
(ITMS) and today is critical part for urban cites to move masses
using mix of automated, security enabled buses,  monorails and
metro-trains using camera for monitored people in the vehicles,
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Who are we

We are integrated consulting, project management & advisory company with digital
transformation expertise focused on consulting for

Smart Governance,
Smart Cities &
Smart Services.